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The Plated Gourmet is founded on the idea of bringing people to the dinner table to share in their highs/lows of the day, and enjoy healthy home-cooked meals. In this simple pleasure we are able to enjoy what truly makes us happy.

Allison J. DeLorenzo - President & Executive Chef

Allison J. DeLorenzoAfter six years in corporate marketing and working behind yellow walls, Allison opened the kitchen doors and created The Plated Gourmet in June of 2005.

Allison's passion for cooking, entertaining and love of gourmet foods started at a young age where freshly picked produce enticed her senses, meats were prepared in every way imaginable, and fresh seafood from the local port was grilled to perfection. Sunday Night Family Dinners at big Grandma's are wonderful memories for her, and she hopes she can bring those fond memories to other individuals and family.

With frequent travel, she learned to appreciate a variety of foods, and was always encouraged to taste the local flavors from classic to gourmet regional cuisine.

As a Chef, Allison believes in a Mediterranean style of cooking, using fresh ingredients, fresh herbs, olive oil and low saturated fats versus butter. She has developed recipes that use the freshest ingredients, excite the palette, and provide a colorful presentation. From comfort to gourmet dishes, each is designed perfectly to match the specific needs of the dinner or event. She takes pride in always being flexible to dietary guidelines and personal beliefs and believes in a “clean” diet.

Taking pride in her American style with European flair, Allison has earned the reputation for exceptional food and fabulous service and works with a team of extraordinary Chefs and event staff.

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35 Washington St. Norwell, MA 02061 781.878.3325